The river

Did you know that 80% of our drinking water comes from the St Lawrence river in Montréal and 100% of our waste water ( after treatment) go back to the same river.
Every day 6 plants treat the water to distribute the equivalence of 800 olympic swimming pool to the city. That’s a lot of water: 2 942 000 m3 for a population of 1 750 000.
Saviez-vous que 80% de notre eau potable vient du fleuve St Laurent et 100% des eaux usées après traitement y retournent. 6 usines traitent l’eau avant de la distribuer dans le réseau. Plus de 2 942 000m3 tous les jours pour une population de 1 750 000. Cela en fait de l’eau. Alors chaque litre économisé d’une façon ou d’une autre compte.

Eau brute

”L’eau traitée à l’usine Charles-J. Des Baillets et à l’usine Atwater est puisée à plus de 500 mètres de la rive dans le fleuve Saint-Laurent, en amont des rapides de Lachine, dans un endroit de fort courant. Cette eau, très oxygénée, ne comporte pas beaucoup de matières en suspension et est donc relativement facile à traiter.”      source Ville de Montréal

Usines de traitement de Montréal

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Prendre une marche de 70km

A 70km walk

WheI emigrate and arrived in Montreal, I had to go to an adress on saint catherine and didn’t pay attention to the east / west system.  I ended walking a lot to arrive to the good adress.  Even if I though at that time St Catherine was the longest street in Montreal, it is only 11 km,  Sherbrooke is 32km and the longest one: boul Gouin 50km.  But today it is a 70km that awaits me from the westernmost point to the easterner most one.

Before doing my dive, I realized I never walked along the southshore of the island and by walking I could take advantage of the slow pace to really enjoy all the variety of architecture, culture, people, wildlife and differents shores.

Instead of walking a park or a mountain, walking the south shore of the island was an enlightment. Next time, I will take 2 days to take more time to enjoy all of it and try to camp in the old port installation.

I am so happy to have meet all those people enjoying the river: boating, fishing, kayaking, paddle borads, surfers and people walking and ruinning like me today.

Of course the summer 2017 is now well known for its rain  so I had all kind of weather including a nice storm.


Dive from the end

As part of the training, I wanted to see the end of the Odyssey. That way, when I’ll be tired and most likely a little bit fed up, I will know what to expect.  reaching the end of that section made me reach a park, I didn’t know about: le parc du bout de l’île.