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Urban water Odyssey 2018

“There’s so much to do… we must never stop trying”

What do we really know about the nature and geography surrounding us? What do we know about the rivers, the fresh water source we depend on?
Do we really think we explored it all?

Urban Water Odyssey

Doing a scientific dive of 44 miles in the depth of the St Lawrence river in Montreal, to better know the river in a urban environment. Nathalie lasselin will dive form one end of the island to the other one. It will take more than 30 hours. A never attempted before dive to completely commit towards the environment and the source of our drinking water

But why?

80% of tap water in Montreal comes from the river. At first sight this doesn’t look like the dreamed body of water in which you would like to dive. However the river hides a rich environment of fauna and flora. Rediscovering the river like an explorer of modern times to realize her importance. Making her rediscovered by the urban dwellers.

 A Human adventure

In order to better know our planet, we need to push the limits. Doing 44 miles in one dive will take more than 30 hours maybe 40. What seems to be a crazy adventure is in fact a deep commitment. Why in one dive? Because nathalie fully believes that we need to  fully commit if we want to succeed. We can’t have a part time good relation with nature.

Scientific missions

Along the path, not only Nathalie will document the underwater world of the river but also she will take samples of water and sediments so scientific from several universities will be able to analyze the content of the river. results will be publish in 2019.

 Brain ractivity study in extreme condition

Studies and test of brain reactivity will be vital during the long immersion doing specific tasks.


Water  Life   Community

UWO 2018…  

  • A unique 70 kilometers / 44 miles dive
  • Two scientific missions
  • A dive study about the effect of long
  • A commitment toward the St Lawrence river
  • A unique human adventure
  • An extreme expedition 20 minutes from downtown
  • A technological, physical and psychological challenge

UWO 2017 Proof of concept

Monday august 14th, Nath Lasselin achieve a unique dive: 21,1km underwater in a single dive of 6 hours. Thanks to the support team and partners.

  • A half marathon  dive  in the St Lawrence river
  • 21,1 km
  • 6 hours

The average dive of a recreational diver is 45 minutes in warm and clear water, swimming a couple of 100 meters.  Nathalie is diving on a single dive in low visibility the waters of the St Lawrence river ending the dive a couple of kilometers after  the Parc du bout de l’île, on the east coast of Montreal.

As I dive in those low viz waters, I know in need to focus on the coming next step in order to succeed

I realized, it is the same thing to regain the quality of the water in the St Lawrence river.

A unique dive never attempted before.

From Cap sur Mer to the east side of Île à l’aigle.



The st Lawrence river is one of the biggest intake of tap / drinkable water for Montreal, it is also where we get rid of all our waste water once treated.  What do we really know about that body of water.  What kind of species, how rich and fragile it is? This is what Nathalie is going to figure out by diving in a single dive with the current that amazing river she loves so much.

A venture on a human scale for the simple purpose of freshwater preservation.

Urban Water Odyssey

What would you do for a glass of fresh water?

Most of the world’s population lives in urban centers.

The demand for freshwater in urban areas is increasing. However, are we fully aware of the fragility of clean
freshwater? With climate change and pollution, our rivers might be at a greater risk.

The St Lawrence river used to be a rich source of fish, drinking water, and a great place to swim.

Raising awareness on the river, its beauty and species we still encounter, we participate
in a positive movement centered around our own environment.

Beyond taking the river for granted, let this Odyssey inspire us. Let it awaken our consciousness towards better
ways of living in the hope of respecting nature and ultimately our own well-being.


Nath Lasselin is an Explorer and a multi award winning Underwater Filmmaker.  She spends her life with the eyes of her youth, always curious to search, to discover and document the world.  Ready to push her own limits and fears, she takes her camera to document her discovery in order to share them with those who will never have the opportunity to see the wonders of the underwater world

She travelled and filmed in more than 50 countries and into the depth of underwater caves on 5 continents.

Women Diver Hall of Fame Inductee

Fellow Royal Canadian Geographical Society


Each springs for the past few years, she packs her winter clothes to diver into the frigid water of the canadian arctic.

When she dives with all kind of sharks including great white shark, she is always careful not to disturb them in their own habitat.

She dove deep wrecks in low visibility, cold waters, braving underwater waves


She has produced and directed 6 underwater documentary films that have been distributed in 25 countries. Each film was a shipper in a new universe, demystifying the underwater cave diving (Facing darkness) and then with the divers fishermen of Isla natividad (Sustainability at Sea), telling the story of the last survivor of the JB King wreck in Ontario ( H2O secrets: JB King), following in the footsteps of John Muir in Alaska (Heen Taak), participating in cave exploration in Mexico to the discovery of human remains (Axis Mundi) and finally his last film Aqua Incognita: made in China At the end of 2017. During her travels in China, she was able to live the rapprochement of individuals at the antipodes and together build to improve their own existence


She motivates others to achieve personal accomplishment and brig people together.  She created and organized 2 times the world record for simultaneous immersion of the largest number of female divers and free divers


And it is through her lectures that she inspires her audience, to go beyond the discovery of our beautiful blue planet. To learn a little more how we can live in harmony with our own environment, to be healthier and happier. The more I travels the world, the more I realize the multitude of small gestures that we can pose to change the health of our close environment.



In our own background

After all those incredible adventures, she realized that the extreme exploration was just a few street away from home. Who really knows what lies in the water of the St Lawrence river?  Who knows the wild life surrounding citizens in big cites? And mostly what about water? Daily we turn on the tap of water, but what do we really know about it?  Whatcan we do more to preserve it in order to have a better living and healthy environment?

This year is the first part of UWO….  But wait and see. There is more to come

UWO 2017:  A half marathon underwater


The river

Did you know that 80% of our drinking water comes from the St Lawrence river in Montréal and 100% of our waste water ( after treatment) go back to the same river. Every day 6 plants treat the water to distribute the equivalence of 800 olympic swimming pool to the city. That’s a lot of …

Prendre un verre ensemble

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